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Here is what our clients are saying about us.

“We have worked with Junge and Associates as part of a major re-engineering of our order fulfillment process over the past three years. They asked the tough questions and listened intently to what we had to say and where we wanted to take the company. Their knowledge, experience, and real life solutions were a tremendous benefit to our organization. Over the past year, we have increased our gross profit almost 3% due to changes they recommended, reduced our past due receivables, eliminated wasteful process steps, integrated a number of standardized processes across our organization, and fully integrated our business system with our processes. Debbie Junge, Brenda Brodt, and Mary Brown are true professionals, and more importantly, made a very positive impact on our business. Junge + Associates made a tremendous impact on our organization and our ability to remain profitable and improve efficiencies throughout the most difficult business environment we have ever experienced.”

Matt Sveen, Principal Intereum,
Herman Miller Dealer, Plymouth, MN

“For the past four years I have been working with the Junge + Associates team to improve my business operations and bottom line. Debbie’s expertise in the industry has proven invaluable and she has become one of my most trusted and valuable advisors. J+A methods and delivery are consistent and comprehensive. They have created business systems and processes completely tailored to my business size and organization. The processes created for us are based on sound business practices, are practical and flexible, and allow for future growth and expansion without starting from scratch”.

Kris Van Dierendonck, Principal, KV Workspace,
Kimball Select Dealer, New Orleans, LA

“An age old problem …Your business grows beyond the founding principals’ ability to manage it. We made the investment and it paid off. Within 6 months, Junge + Associates had addressed and untangled our internal accounting problems, coordinated and implemented an Order Processing system that integrated with our technology platform, and standardized our proposal process. The final results: Design Specification Errors – down, Profits – up, Employee morale – up, Customer Satisfaction – up, and Owners Quality of Life – up. I can’t think of any expenditure that has netted as positive a result as our engagement of Junge & Associates.”

Greg Sheridan, Vice President, Metro Office Solutions,
Teknion Dealer, Belcamp, MD

“Sales Mastery® was an awesome experience!! The training was very well thought out and touched on specific areas that we overlook in our day to day grind. The training focused on the contract furniture industry which made it much more relevant than any other training. Thank you for re-energizing me to sell more furniture!”

Stephanie Bourland, Director of Sales, Corporate Interior Solutions,
Knoll Dealer, Phoenix, AZ

“The Sales Mastery® course has changed the way I think about selling after almost 20 years in the field. The training teaches that sales is a process that I can control not just a random series of events in the marketplace. The sessions are a good blend of theory, examples and practice. I highly recommend your training to rookies and veterans alike. It opens up a whole new world of selling.”

Cathy Stamp, Government Sales Manager,
Kimball Office Denver, CO

“You are never too old to learn. Even after 20 years in sales, I learned a thing or two from Sales Mastery® training! The training helped me refine my approach to networking, scouting calls, building better trust and rapport with my clients. Best of all, it helped hone my skills for a consistently higher close-rate on every project and with it a referral to a new opportunity.”

Quynh Budzynski, Principal, Q Office Solutions,
Teknion Dealer Washington DC

“Every new sales hire must go through Junge + Associates comprehensive Dealer Boot Camp and Sales Mastery® training programs. The training has greatly improved and focused my sales team’s efforts and effectiveness. The team has learned to control the sales process and qualify opportunities for a good fit before resources are expended, improving our overall close ratio and profitability.”

Kris Van Dierendonck, Principal, KV Workspace,
Kimball Select Dealer New Orleans, LA