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Sales Mastery® Consultative Sales Training


To be effective in the strategic selling environment, top performing salespeople in the contract furniture and design industry are valuable consultants and trusted advisors to their customers. They:

  • Actively prospect and network to keep the pipeline full
  • Stop chasing bids and opportunities that go nowhere
  • Proactively sell on value instead of price
  • Earn trust and loyalty from prospects and clients
  • Eliminate surprises at the end of the sales cycle
  • Enjoy high sales volume, gross profit and income

As a result of this course, participants will improve their performance through the use of proven and specific skills to shorten and control their sales process.  They will gain insights, acquire more confidence and professionalism that will drive more revenues and profit to the bottom line.

Course Outline

Led by instructors who have years of successful sales and management experience in the contract furniture industry and fortune 100 companies,  the modules are fun, highly interactive and teach effective skills for immediate use in this challenging economy with apprehensive buyers.   Training modules include:     

  • Prospecting - establish a consistent process, get more appointments
  • Referrals - build a strong referral business and partner relationships
  • Beliefs and Confidence - manage rejection, develop a strong self-concept
  • Buying Styles - build trust and rapport quicker
  • Mutual Agreement ® - control the sales process and compress the cycle
  • Pain and Buyer Motivation - create value and gain leverage
  • Investment - define budget and ROI earlier, position tax benefits and leasing solutions
  • Skepticism - obtain the truth without pressure
  • Seeking to Understand - avoid assumptions and mistakes
  • Authority - compress decision times, avoid surprises, help establish criteria and process
  • Sales Recue - get the customer to help you, generate 2nd chances
  • Proof - be distinguishable, convey value when presenting and pricing
  • Goals, Actions and Flight Plan - self management and increased productivity

Who Should Attend

Seasoned and New Sellers, Sales Managers and Principals, Designers, Project Managers and Other Team Members Involved in the Qualifying and Sales Process


Sessions conducted at our training center.  Programs can be tailored and delivered at your site to fit your specific training and logistical needs.  One-on-one coaching and reinforcement tools available.

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