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Sales Management and Leadership Training


Sales Mastery® ‘Leadership Tools for Pack Leaders’  provides  the vehicle for Sales Managers and Leaders to empower, grow and motivate their salespeople. They will learn how to:

  • Rally their team behind company sales goals and mission
  • Master methods to hire the right DNA of top sellers and jump start their success
  • Set clear expectations and provide feedback without creating defensiveness or resentment
  • Eliminate sales excuses and unwanted behaviors
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Increase the effectiveness of your team’s sales calls

As a result of this course, participants will gain the skills to ‘stop telling’ and ‘start coaching’ to build the foundation of a high performance sales team that creates bottom line sales results.

Course Outline

Led by instructors with years of sales and management experience,  the course is highly interactive.   Participants  will exchange sales management ideas, tap the expertise of peers, address common sales challenges, and accrue the wisdom and skills of a top sales leader. Workshops include:

  • Visions, Goals and Values- the soul of leadership
  • Building High Performance Teams, Part 1-the essentials of  finding and hiring the right talent
  • Building High Performance Teams, Part 2 -interviewing and screening candidates
  • Leading & Managing Diverse Behavior - communication, value styles and motivation
  • Managing & Setting Expectations- principles of high performance
  • Establish Accountability & Eliminate Excuses - creating a culture of accountability
  • Performance Feedback -why it is so critical, how and when to give it,
  • Principles of Training & Coaching- developing high performance salespeople
  • Field Coaching & Changing Behaviors, Part 1 - pre-briefing and debriefing sales calls
  • Field Coaching & Changing Behaviors, Part 2 - identifying and changing unwanted behaviors
  • Sales Meetings That Inspire -planning productive and motivating meetings
  • Territory and Account Planning -building a plan to pursue the best customers and prospects

Who Will Benefit

Sales Managers, Selling Management, Other Managers Supporting the Sales Process, Business Owners and Team Leaders


Twelve workshops conducted monthly at our training center combined with one-on-one coaching.  Training programs can be tailored and delivered at your site to fit your specific training and logistical needs.

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