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Dealer operations consulting engagements are tailored by Junge + Associates to improve performance. Our sales, design, accounting and operations expertise allows us to integrate the selling process with the order fulfillment process in a unique way that results in immediate return on your investment. We focus on delivering tangible results to eliminate wasted time and resources, reduce errors that erode profits, control operation and overhead costs, increase service revenues and profits, improve morale and customer satisfaction.


We start by conducting an assessment of your business processes, technology and personnel to uncover strengths and weaknesses.  We diagnose challenges and uncover opportunities for improvement.  Assessments are tailored to fit your business size and to address your specific requirements and scope of work.  Our assessment evaluation and process options include:

  • Conducting Team Design and Order Fulfillment Surveys
  • Remote and On-site Evaluations, Collection of Data and Forms
  • Assessment Summary of Challenges and Areas for Improvement

Alignment of Processes, Technology and Personnel

From our Assessment we will design and develop the operating model and plan for improvements for your dealership.  Scope of work can include roll-out training, on-site implementation, and remote guidance and reinforcement.

Process Improvements

  • Streamline and Improve Efficiencies
  • Establish Best Practices
  • Document Processes, Procedures and Policies
  • Provide Electronic Forms, Training Manuals and Support Tools

Optimizing Technology

  • Integrate Autocad/CAP and Team Design (or other operating system) with processes
  • Set-up, Train and Implement the Use of Team Design and IQ Software
  • Update Current Team Design Users On Features and Functions
  • Introduce New and Emerging Technologies

Staffing Development

  • Determine Staffing Requirement, Assign Roles and Responsibilities
  • Develop Written Job Descriptions and Accountabilities
  • Establish Performance Measurements
  • Provide Training and Professional Development for Individuals and Teams
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