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OutSource? MultiSource? InSource?

Our industry has spent the last 10+ years adapting to ever shrinking margins and volume. We have all been forced to embrace the “close to the bone” business model. Dealers have honed the multi-positioning of key employees and the painful release of others, while many if not all manufacturers have introduced more complex products but reduced the amount of dealer support they provide to bring them to market. The big question today: How much or how little “people power” should you put in place to win and manage the work? How can you create a robust, low-risk, flexible model for sustainable future growth with innovation, knowledge, stability and healthy margins? Let us help you determine an effective outsourcing plan to support  your dealership as you experience the ebbs and flow of business or  work toward hiring and transitioning in new management with resources from our staff, advisors and other industry resources.

On-site and Remote Outsourcing Engagements

  • Sales Management
  • Design Department Management
  • Operations and General Management
  • Accounting, Controller and CFO
  • Bid Response and Positioning
  • Project Management
  • Contract Design
  • Train and Transition in New Management Teams
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