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Financial Performance

Are you getting all of the information you need from your current Accounting and Operating Systems? Do you have the necessary tools and adequate financial information to run your business effectively? Have you thought about how and when to exit your business? We aid in maximizing and fine tuning the use of your operating software, eliminating common errors and creating more accurate data and reports. We help develop sound accounting practices, strategic plans, set goals and budgets in order to maximize performance and profitability. Too often, owners do not adequately plan their exit and do not receive full value for the business they have built. We will help you start planning and show you how you can exit with style, clarity and the financial value you have earned.

Accounting and Performance

  • Define and Set-up Accounting Best Practices
  • Set-up Financials Specific to Dealership and According to Industry Standards
  • Develop Training Manuals That Integrate Processes and the Operating System
  • Create, Review and Update Budgets
  • Financial and Sales Reporting
  • Accounting, Controller and CFO Outsourcing Services

Team Design and Other Technologies

  • Complete Set-up of Data, Training and Implementation
  • Team Design Conversions and Migration of Accounting Data
  • Job Costing Methods, Utilization of WIP, Analysis and Reconciliation
  • Backlog Analysis and Revenue Forecasting
  • Generating Meaningful Reports
  • Electronic Order Entry Assistance

Business and Financial Performance

  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Three To Five Year Financial Plans
  • Benchmarking Against OFDA Standards and Manufacturer Specific Benchmarks
  • Identifying Trends and Benchmarking Internal Performance
  • Profitability Improvement Plans
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting

Exit Planning

  • Identify and clarify owner objectives
  • Quantify personal and business resources
  • Strategize to preserve, protect and maximize business value
  • Minimize taxes through the transition process
  • Position the company for internal transfer or external sale
  • Develop a business continuity plan
  • Coordinate business transition with estate planning objectives
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